Chief & Assistant Chief

  • Chief Darryl Lawrence

  • Roderick Ennis

    Assistant Chief


  • Ray Day

    Administrative Captain
  • Shawn Pratt

    Uniform Patrol Captain

Criminal Investigations

  • Enoch Sims

  • Travis Gavin

  • Michael Milligan

  • Micah James

  • Daulton Rainwater

  • Lenka

    K-9 Officer

School Resource Officers

  • Cothern Williams

    School Resource Officer
  • Desiree Kent

    School Resource Officer
  • Maddie Landry

  • Manuel Perkins

    School Resource Officer

City Marshall

  • Leroy Holiday

    Deputy Marshall

Office Personnel

  • Amber Guidry

    Records Clerk
  • Brandy Burns

    Secretary to the Chief
  • Tera Miller

    Records Clerk