Mission Statement

The mission of the Zachary Police Department is to enhance safety and security through quality police services, which reflect our compassion and concern for the citizens of the city of Zachary. We will provide this quality service in partnership with members of the community. To fulfill our mission we will strive to attain the highest degree of ethical behavior and professional conduct at all times.

Value Statement

The organizational philosophy of the Zachary Police Department can best be summarized in the value statement of the department. The value statement serves the purpose of informing both the community and department personnel of the foundation for providing efficient and effective police services.

Therefore, the Zachary Police Department always think:



We protect constitutional rights through impartial enforcement of the law. We are dedicated to treating citizens and our employees with dignity, respect, and equality.


We adhere to the highest moral and ethical standards. Honesty and sincerity serve as the foundation in dealing with each other and the community. In all we do, we have the courage and commitment to uphold these values.


We will treat all people with compassion, tolerance, and dignity by providing professional law enforcement services through highly trained personnel accountable to our community.


We strive to improve the quality of life in partnership with the community. Our commitment is unwavering in the face of the many challenges confronting our officers.


We demand honesty and accountability from every employee. This value fosters community and employee confidence in the department and allows for an open and honest relationship.